We’ve made it easier to sort through new selections of doggo coats when they hit the shelves.

With so many options on how to keep your pet warm over winter, it’s hard to narrow down the perfect functional fashion statement. Not only do the choices range from coats, jackets, jumpers, hoodies and the ever-popular flanno’s, but there’s also the type of material they’re made from to consider.

No worries! Just For Pets can help.

The first factor to consider is how the coat is going to suit the needs of your pooch and lifestyle. Is it purely a fashion statement or will it be used to keep your 4-legged mate warm on cold winter days? Perhaps a rain jacket to help keep him dry on rainy days? Maybe you need something to match that awesome new sweater you picked up for yourself?

Once you know what the purpose of your coat is for, you can determine if a sweet little knitted jacket is the perfect one or waterproof or reflective for early morning and late afternoon walks. The hoodie might be just what your dog needs to keep his cute ears warm!

Take a look at the range of prints and colours available, and see which one is pleasing to your eye.

Once you have selected the perfect coat, you’ll need to make sure it fits your dog well.

A well-fitted coat should be firm but not too firm. It should allow room for the straps to be adjusted if your dog puts on a little weight over winter. It also needs to allow your pet to walk and run comfortably and still be able to toilet without messing up the coat or jacket.

Be mindful that coats can be an anxious experience for our pets if they are not fitted correctly. That’s why it’s a great option to let our coat-fitting experts lead the way.

Matted Fur

A lot happens under that coat or jacket, and you need to ensure you still check your pet over in the colder months for bumps and lumps.

One of the most common problems for dogs who have a winter jacket is that the hair may become matted. Not only can matted coats be very painful for dogs, but they can also hide lots of skin problems, including flea infestations.

Dogs prone to matting include those with soft hair, e.g. Poodle, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel and those with a mix of Poodle, plus long hair breeds such as Maremma’s and golden retrievers.

A winter coat should be removed daily, and your dog needs to be brushed to prevent matting and skin and coat problems. It’s important when brushing your dog that you get down to the skin (but be gentle). Many times, it is only the hair that is brushed when the matting actually starts at the hair shaft.

Brushes such as slicker brushes are ideal for removing mats and knots. Brush a small section at a time. Push the coat up with your hand to the line of the skin, pat the brush into the hair, and pull away from the dog’s body gently.

There is also a great range of coat sprays, conditioners and waterless shampoos available to assist you with brushing out knots and eliminating the matting. Try:

  • Frontline Waterless Shampoo’
  • Fido’s Creme Conditioner
  • Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray

DID YOU KNOW? Zoo Products are coat fitting experts. If you bring your dog instore, our pet experts will help with a FREE professional coat fitting.