We’ve often heard that the human lifespan has increased over the past several decades due to advanced medical treatments and better living conditions, but did you know that this accounts for our lovely felines as well?

In fact, because of improved dietary choices, indoor living, and better veterinary medicine, cats are living healthier, longer lives. Most veterinarians like to consider cats to be in their golden years once they are over 7-10 years, and it’s becoming more common for them to see cats having regular check-ups in their late teens and early twenties.

If you have a cat that’s reaching the age of wisdom, it’s essential to make a few changes to help her transition more smoothly.

Here are a few great tips:


Diet should never be overlooked. Cats are notorious for lounging around, especially as they get older. Vets and Just For Pets pet experts are consistently helping cat owners to monitor their feline’s weight gain as their bodies become less likely to jump and pounce. Obesity, hairballs, and other physiological issues begin to creep into their daily lives, and Hill’s Science Diet has a range of food that is specific to age and health concern.

  • Adult 7+ Senior Active Longevity
  • Adult 7+ Senior Hairball Control
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Skin and Teeth Care

Aging cats are more likely to get skin infections and dental disease than their younger counterparts. This is perfectly normal and can be treated with routine vet check-ups and certain shampoos and dental care kits.

If you’re a lucky cat owner who has a feline who doesn’t mind a bath every once in a while, you can try:

Frontline Pet Care Oatmeal Shampoo, a hypoallergenic formula for dogs and cats with sensitive skin. It has natural and organic ingredients that cleanse and condition the coat.

Fido’s Aloe Vera Gel Shampoo, a soap free, pH balanced blend of aloe vera gel, essential oils, and gentle cleansing ingredients.

For those with stinky, aging cats who would prefer to flex their claws than to be bathed, try Fido’s Fresh Coat Spray. It’s a cologne coat conditioner and deodorant spray containing lanolin and silicone to help condition, detangle, and deodorize the coat.

The Prozym Rf2 Toothpaste Kit is a poultry-flavoured toothpaste that includes a handy finger brush. It helps to clean teeth, prevent plaque and tartar build-up, and kicks bad breath in cats and dogs. The active ingredient, Rf2, is scientifically proven to reduce biofilm (first stage of dental disease) by up to 70%.


Anxiety is sometimes overlooked as an occurrence of aging, but it has been reported more and more to vets and Just For Pets pet experts. One particular product that has shown increasing results in helping anxious cats manage spraying anxiety is called FELIWAY. This product comes from the same maker as ADAPTIL collars for dogs, and helps cats to adjust to new environments and reduces stress- or anxiety-related spraying in the home. It comes as a plug-in diffuser or as a spray.

Not all cats are the same, so they may react to aging differently. Come talk to a Zoo Products pet expert to see what adjustments will need to be made for your cat. As always, regular vet check-ups, a little play, and proper nutrition are a must to maintain a happy, healthy feline senior citizen.

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